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Tattoo Reg. #   Weight SC
127B R10286050 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5  127B      
A nice son from our 406U5 Robertson bull. This bull has a great set of EPD’s.
7B R10285878 CNF CSONKA 415W3  7B      
A bull with a good front end that travels well. He has a well balanced set of EPD’s.
26B R10285996 CNF ON LINE 7Z3  26B      
A moderate bull with a low birth weight. Heifer bull. Very clean made with good joints.
R10285998 CNF GARRETT 21W4 427B2      
Sired by a Garrett son we purchased from L&W. 427B2 is a smooth calving ease bull. He writes his weaning, yearling and IMF EPD’s in the top 25%.
R10286134 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5 63B      
A well balanced bull with a great sheath make up. Note his 5.1 CED and low BW EPD
12B R10286135 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5 12B      
Sired by Brinks Robertson 406U5, this bull is very clean made with a moderate frame. Accompanied by a balanced set of EPD’s.
427B3 UB10286020 CNF UB GARRETT 21W4 427B3      
A nice second generation Ultrablack, with an exceptional set of EPD’s. Top 15% WW, top 5% YW. He is sure to add pounds.
26B4 R10286021 CNF GARRETT 21W4 26B4      
A well rounded bull with a great disposition. 26B4 weighed 65 lbs. At birth and writes a -.03 BW EPD, to make him a heifer bull prospect.
237B4 R10285884 CNF CSONKA 415W3 237B4      
Long made, smooth from front to back, and well balanced. Top 15% IMF EPD
425B3 R10285888 CNF CSONKA 415W3 425B3      
A nice bull with good depth, spring of rib and sure footed. He writes 6 EPD traits in the top 25%
425B4 UB10286137 CNF UB ROBERTSON 406U5 425B4      
This bull’s dam 425U is a summit cow here at Char-No. He is a clean made, very smooth second generation Ultrablack. Exceptional growth and carcass EPD’s
216B UB10286030 CNF UB GARRETT 21W4 216B TWIN      
A nice bull with a good depth and sheath make up. Top 5% for both WW and YW.
730B3 R10285890 CNF CSONKA 415W3 730B3      
A moderate bull with great depth. He has a balanced set of EPD’s and a noteworthy pedigree.
33B2 R10286033 CNF GARRETT 21W4 33B2      
This bull has a good disposition, is well balanced and has a great sheath make up. 33B2 also has an extremely balanced set of EPD’s.
26B9 R10285892 CNF CSONKA 415W3 26B9      
A long made bull that is structurally correct with good feet under him. He writes a very nice set of EPD’s
127B5 R10285893 CNF CSONKA 415W3 127B5      
Moderate bull with good depth, very clean jointed, with a well balanced set of EPD’s
6A79 2920249 CNF PREMIUM BEEF 6A79      
Here is a nice 5/8 Simmental, 3/8 Angus out of GW Premium Beef 021TS. We began AI’ing to Premium Beef two years ago and have been very pleased with both the bulls and heifers. 6A79 is a long, smooth made bull with a clean sheath. He is a calving ease bull with balanced EPD’s.
7A79 2920250 CNF PREMIUM BEEF 7A79      
A very nice moderate bull we are proud to offer. Great muscling in the ½ Simmental ½ Angus bull. He has a low birth weight, but is not short on growth.
B3 3048092 CNF UPGRADE B3      
A long clean sided bull with lots of depth. Sired by Mr NLC Upgrade U8676 this bull has above average EPD’s with seven traits in the top 20%.
B391 3048093 CNF SEADY 2Y21 B391      
This is a big stout 5/8 Simmental, 3/8 Angus bull with a nice hindquarter. Lots of growth and muscle definition. He is scurred.
B79 3048094 CNF STEADY 2Y21 B79      
A very nice SM/AN bull with nice testicle size and very clean jointed. He has a balanced set of EPD’s.
5B52 3048095 CNF STEADY 2Y21 5B52      
This is a ½ Simmental, ½ Angus bull with lots of depth. He is smooth made with a clean sheath. He has very balanced EPD’s with great marbling – in the top
6B52 3048099 CNF STEADY 2Y21 6B52      
Here is a moderate, smooth bull from front to back. He is 5/8 Simmental, 3/8 Angus with balanced EPD’s.
7B52 3048102 CNF STEADY 2Y21 7B52      
This 5/8 Simmental, 3/8 Angus bull has a little looser hide. He has great length and muscle definition. He has nice growth EPD’s.
2B73 is the only commercial “Suncross” we are offering. We crossed an Ultrablack bull on a Sim/Angus heifer to breed in some hybrid vigor. This cross has worked well in many Southeast herds. Take note of the exceptional phenotype this cross produces. He is a very stout bull with great structure and muscling. Sure to be a favorite!
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