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Tattoo Reg. #   Weight SC
77A22 R10269800 CNF ON LINE 425T2    Wt. 1654   Scrotal 44
This is a well rounded, moderate heifer bull with great muscling. He is structurally sound with a clean sheath andoutstanding disposition.
53A R10269805 CNF ON LINE 425T2    Wt. 1754 Scrotal 46
Sired by our great 425T2 On Line son, 53A has a 39 weaning EPD and a yearling of 72. Ranking him in the top 3% for both traits. Also take note of  the large scrotal size ranking in the top 1%
26A10 R10269629 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5    Wt. 1607 Scrotal 36
This bull, from our 26 cow family, is well balanced and clean jointed. He stands out with a 0.7 BW EPD,  and outstanding carcass data ratioing 105 for REA and 124 on IMF
121A3 UB10269748 CNF UB GARETT 21W4    Wt. 1550 Scrotal 42
121A3 is a great Ultrablack bull with nice length and muscle mass. Being a second generation UB, he will sire R number Brangus when used on Registered Brangus females.
87A R10269755 CNF GARRETT 21W4    Wt. 1693 Scrotal 39
A clean bull with a great disposition. This bull has a great set of  EPD’s and is phenotypically will balanced.
77A23 R10269620 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5    Wt. 2053 Scrotal 40
A big, stout powerful bull sired by our 406U5 Robertson son. This bull will add pounds with great muscling from front to back.
427B R10286046 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5    Wt. 1592 Scrotal 42
A very clean made, well balanced bull. From our exceptional 427 cow family which produces excellent replacement females. This bull boasts above average EPD’s across the board.
37B R10285877 CNF CSONKA 415W3    Wt. 1919 Scrotal 40
This is a well muscled power bull with explosive growth numbers. He has a nice spring of rib and is clean jointed.
77B12 R10286136 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5    Wt.1570 Scrotal 40
77B12 is a calving ease bull sired by our Robertson of Brinks son 406u5. A very clean made moderate bull with lots of muscle.
1206B R10286056 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5    Wt. 1541 Scrotal 43
Here is a nice bull from the Brinks Robertson blood line. A nice set of EPD’s accompany this clean made, well structured bull.
77B4 R10286058 CNF ROBERTSON 406U5    Wt. 1622 Scrotal 38
A well put together, balanced bull with plenty of growth. A balanced set of EPD’s, nice depth in the middle with lots of muscle.
1206B2   Wt. 1605 Scrotal 43
This bull has a nice rear quarter with exceptional scrotal size. He is smooth sided and ranks both weaning and yearling in the top 15%.
627B2 R10285995 CNF GARRETT 21W4    Wt. 1535 Scrotal 42
Outstanding growth, along with above average carcass, make for a great combination. 627B2 is a cleanly made, well balanced bull with a great disposition.
127B4 R10286007 CNF GARRETT 21W4    Wt. 1415 Scrotal 38
A clean, moderate bull from our 127 cow family with a balanced set of EPD’s.
22B2 R10286016 CNF GARRETT 21W4    Wt. 1500 Scrotal 38
A long sided bull with great growth EPD’s, and an IMF in the top 15%
25B R10286017 CNF GARRETT 21W4    Wt. 1700 Scrotal 36.5
A clean sided, well balanced bull with plenty of depth. Both weaning and yearling EPD’s are in  the top 20% of the breed, with IMF in the top 15%
44B R10286022 CNF GARRETT 21W4    Wt. 1622 Scrotal 40
A very nice calving ease bull going back to Garrett of Brinks on top. 44B has a well rounded set of EPD’s along with a mild manner and disposition.
289B3 R10285887 CNF CSONKA 415W3    Wt. 1600 Scrotal 40
A nice young bull from the Csonka bloodline. 289B3 has outstanding growth EPD’s along with a scrotal ranking in the top 1%, and carcass EPD’s above average!
13B UB10285970 CNF UB ON LINE 425T2    Wt. 1703 Scrotal 45
A long sided nice Ultrablack bull. He is clean jointed and structurally sound to carry his muscle definition.
216B2 UB10286031 CNF UB GARRETT 21W4    Wt. 1529 Scrotal 39
Here is a deep sided soggy Ultrablack bull with a nice top on him. He ranks in the top 3% for yearling EPD and top 10 for weaning.
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